iBwave Reach seamlessly integrates with your macro design tool and our flagship solution iBwave Design, enabling you to design and deploy campus networks by taking into consideration the macro signal penetrating inside the building and the leakage of the indoor signal on the surrounding area of the venue. With proven prediction accuracy and streamlined approach to wireless design, iBwave Reach will speed up your project lifecycle while saving costs and ensuring an optimal end user experience.

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Faster and more accurate campus network design and deployment

Accelerate the design of large multi-technology campus wireless networks with an integrated solution that bridges the gap between indoor & outdoor design, minimizes site surveys and has a proven track record of accurate prediction that delivers flawless user connectivity.

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Why is this good for you?

Supports multi-technology networks
Integrates with iBwave Design and your macro tool
Seamless outdoor and indoor design for accurate predictions
Reduce the number of site walks
Optimize design for maximum user connectivity

Integrated Solution

iBwave Reach integrates with your macro tool and iBwave Design providing an all‑in‑one solution for campus network design.

iBwave Reach - Integrated Solution

Import Macro Data

Avoid time‑consuming and costly site surveys by simply importing the macro data from any third‑source macro tool into iBwave Reach so it can be seamlessly integrated into iBwave Design and give you and end‑to‑end view of both the macro and indoor data as you design.

Import Macro Data with iBwave Reach
Accurately Predict Network Performance with iBwave Reach

Accurately Predict Network Performance

With the macro data imported, and your campus buildings modeled, design your network and simulate the network performance accurately in iBwave Design. Visualize prediction in impressive 3D format, giving you and your customer a detailed look at how the network will perform across the entire campus environment.

Optimize Network Design

With the ability to consider the macro data for your indoor designs and accurately predict network performance, you can now optimize the equipment within the network to avoid over designing, and over spending.

Optimize Network Design with iBwave Reach
Validate Network Design with iBwave Reach

Validate Network Design

Once deployed, go on site to validate the design and deployment of your network with one simple site survey walk and have confidence the network will perform as you designed it.

Centralize Project Documentation

Once your campus network has been deployed, easily generate as‑built documentation for the project and track it in a centralized location where it can easily be accessed for future maintenance and upgrades.

Centralize Project Documentation with iBwave Reach

iBwave Reach is ideal for a number of uses cases covering indoor and outdoor environments.

iBwave Reach is ideal for High-Rise Building
High-Rise Building
iBwave Reach is ideal for Greenfield Building
Greenfield Building
iBwave Reach is ideal for Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall
iBwave Reach is ideal for Healthcare & Hospitality
Healthcare & Hospitality
iBwave Reach is ideal for Airport & Terminal
Airport & Terminal
iBwave Reach is ideal for Education Campus
Education Campus
iBwave Reach is ideal for Amusement Park
Amusement Park
iBwave Reach is ideal for Enterprise Private 4G/5G Networks
Enterprise Private 4G/5G Networks
iBwave Reach is ideal for Energy (Mining, Power, Oil, Gas)
Energy (Mining, Power, Oil, Gas)

Want to know more about designing better in‑building networks?

With iBwave Design, your network project lifecycle is streamlined so you can design and deliver wireless networks smarter and faster than ever before. Import floor plans, design using a database of over 35,000 parts, simulate your network in advanced 3D for both coverage and capacity, and easily produce key project reports.


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