Check our 3D modeling service! Get professionally built floor models for iBwave Design Project to step up your RF design game.

Building modeling

Scope of offered service

Customers provide building floor plans in one of the following formats (.dwg, .dxf, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff, .gif or .pdf). iBwave models the floors of the building in an iBwave Design Project file (.ibw) using walls, horizontal surfaces and inclined planes. This .ibw file will then be provided to the customer to continue with the RF design work.

What is modeled: walls, floors, stairs, escalators, stadium seating areas, building textures
Project types: Offices, hotels, shopping malls, stadiums, metro/subways

iBwave offers building modeling services for your indoor wireless projects


  • Accurate building 3D representation valuable throughout the entire project lifecycle
  • Project is propagation and optimization ready in iBwave Design
  • RF engineers can focus on RF design
  • Offload peak design periods
  • New users can start to deliver projects faster
  • Improved visual presentation for tenders and proposals


Deliverables to customer

  • iBwave Design Project file - .ibw
  • KML file of geo-located buildings


What building modeling services do not include

  • Adding manufacturer components into the design
  • Replication of existing iBwave designs
  • A complete DAS design


Project quotation

In order to provide a quote for modelling services, please gather the following information and send it to your local iBwave Sales Rep.

  • Project Name
  • Type of venue
  • # of Floors
  • Square footage of each floor
  • Target completion date
  • Detailed Floor Plans (.dwg, .dxf, .jpeg, .bmp, .tiff, .gif or .pdf)