R9 Ultimate Solution for High-­Density Wireless Network Designs

iBwave Launches Release 9, the Ultimate Solution for High-­Density Wireless Network Designs

Sep 27th 2017, Montreal QC - iBwave Solutions, the in-building wireless network design standard, today announced the launch of iBwave Release 9. With the exponential rise in mobile data consumption wireless carriers and enterprises are increasingly moving towards converged networks to tackle capacity issues and ensure uninterrupted end-user connectivity especially in high density venues. iBwave Release 9 delivers a future-ready solution for in-building wireless networks to meet these challenges anywhere anytime.
Here is what this new release is bringing to our customers.
3D ModelingFor the Enterprise–iBwave Wi‑Fi® - The latest release of iBwave Wi‑Fi® aims to bring simply better carrier‑grade Wi‑Fi to the enterprise market. Designing Wi‑Fi networks for high density venues and dealing with capacity issues is big challenge today. The new iBwave Wi‑Fi® will improve capacity optimization and design accuracy for high‑density venues and save hours of time on projects. New features include support for multi‑radio APs, smart antenna contouring to view live prediction results and automatic cable alignment.
“The ability to design and visualize Wi‑Fi networks in 3-D is a unique iBwave feature that I have come to rely on for access point placement and troubleshooting. The granularity iBwave provides is exceptional, especially with the new capability to design with multi‑radio APs that are unique to Riverbed Xirrus for supporting high density Wi‑Fi networks. Add to that the variety of reports you can generate makes iBwave invaluable for Wi‑Fi deployment” – Ty Parker, Director Solutions Engineering for Riverbed CWNE #173
For Carriers–iBwave Design 9 - To meet the insatiable demand for faster and better mobile broadband that results in improved end‑user experience, mobile operators are increasingly deploying converged networks that take into account multiple technologies in a single in‑building project. As the de facto standard, iBwave Design 9 is ready to integrate these converged networks for complex high capacity and high density venues into one unique efficient design. With a sharp new UI for quicker and more accurate designs, enhanced automation and multi‑technology support such as LTE‑A and CBRS support, iBwave Design 9 is the right solution for future‑proof high quality designs that takes into account any in‑building network type: DAS, Small Cells, Wi‑Fi, LoRa, CBRS, and Public Safety.
“iBwave Release 9 is a HIGH step forward! From being a part of the Beta program, I can definitely say that this release is ALL about the end user! The updated/improved GUI is easy to work with and well thought out! The ability to build a “Custom Ribbon” is a GREAT feature as well!” Russ Edmondson, RF Design Engineer Associate III, Goodman Networks.
“As technologies converge and mobile data traffic continues to grow, the demand for more integrated converged networks is increasing as well. At iBwave we continuously strive to empower our customers to better plan, design and deploy these networks”, said Benoit Fleury VP of Product Line Management, iBwave. “iBwave Release 9 is packed with user requested features like a new UI, multi radio APs, smart antenna contouring and automatic cable alignment. Combined with iBwave Unity’s new customizable reporting our customers will be able to improve their workflow dramatically” He added.
Unified Project View–iBwave Unity 9 - iBwave Unity is a powerful collaboration platform allowing carriers and enterprises to manage geo‑distributed in‑building projects and provide an organization‑wide unified view during the entire in‑building lifecycle including pre‑sales, deployment and maintenance. iBwave Unity 9 makes collaboration easier and more intuitive with the help of new advanced data mining and reporting capabilities that can be shared via the cloud.
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