Optix Global Adopts iBwave’s Design Software in Malaysia

Optix Global Adopts iBwave’s Design Software to Enhance Indoor Coverage in Malaysia

MONTREAL, CANADA, June 30, 2014 — iBwave, the standard for in-building wireless software and training globally, today announces that Optix Global, a fast-growing service provider that delivers full turnkey solutions to national Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in Malaysia, has selected iBwave’s product suite to optimize wireless coverage and capacity indoors.

Despite the arrival of 3G and 4G LTE networks in the region, inadequate mobile voice and broadband coverage, particularly inside enterprise premises and private venues, remains a significant issue for local operators who have been deploying In-Building Systems (IBS) as a way to ease the strain on overstretched macro networks. Optix Global, which has been commissioned by the country’s top mobile operators (Maxis and U-Mobile) will be using iBwave’s software to design and implement robust and scalable communication networks that can meet the operators stringent performance requirements.

“As technologies grow more advanced and complex, planning for indoor environments is becoming critical. With its global reputation for quality and technical leadership, iBwave seemed the obvious choice,” said Mark Mo, Engineering Manager at Optix Global. “Their Design tool possesses a number of powerful features, such as compliance verification, standardized component selection and error checking, that makes it easy to get a clear overview of the total network coverage and validate optimal configuration options. As such, it will not only save us a lot of time, but will also enable us to deliver superior mobile services inside buildings.”

“The increasing volume of 3G and 4G LTE deployments, paired with the demands for high-industry standards, have put tremendous pressure on the in-building community at large. We are pleased that Optix Global has decided to put their trust in our products in order to improve its capabilities and efficiency and stay ahead in the increasingly competitive Malaysian market.”

Due to the implementation of new in-building standards at the operator levels, iBwave has seen a rapid adoption of its product suite in the region. The company, which has built itself a solid reputation, has significantly expanded its local presence and now boasts a strong customer base, with a majority of local operators and system integrators now using its software.


Optix Global was founded in 2006 and specializes in full turnkey repeaters/ MCPA solutions and full indoor coverage deployments, which include site surveys, technical proposal submissions, installations, testing, commissioning, site acceptance and maintenance.

Global basis for many of the world's leading operators and system vendors. By using Remotek repeater equipments and other analytical tools, Optix Global's reliability, competence and efficiency can increase customers’ competitiveness wherever they are, as a long term outsourcing partner or as a partner for specific projects.

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