iBwave Recertification

iBwave Certification is valid for three years. Recertification ensures that the certification holder has kept up with current trends in wireless technology and iBwave product suite evolution. To keep certifications and best practices of previous levels current, individuals should pass a recertification exam or advance to the next level of certification.

Note: Recertification can only be activated and processed after the date of certificate is expired.




  • Stay up-to-date with the latest in-building trends and technology
  • Know all of the latest iBwave Design features and best practices
  • Keep your certification status as VALID in the iBwave Certification Registry
  • Use your iBwave Certification to advance your career as an RF professional



  • Your certification will expire
  • Your certificate status will appear as EXPIRED in the iBwave Certification Registry
  • Unless you recertify within one year of expiration, you will need to retake the full certification course in order to regain your certification status



iBwave recertification is offered online through the Learning Center. Review the latest courses relevant to your recertification level and the latest features through videos. Then pass the exam to renew your certification!



A 30-day online package complete with:
  • The full certification level: renew your knowledge by going over the course you’ve taken 3 years ago, now updated with the latest release!
  • In-building design from scratch
  • Exam: Relevant to the recertification level
  • Online Manual: 1-year access
  • On request - iBwave Design Trial License: 30 days



In order to recertify, you will be required to take an exam for the highest level you have completed.

Level 1 Recertification (3 hrs exam)

Level 2 Recertification (3 hrs exam)

Level 3 Recertification (3 hrs exam)

The recertification package is valid for 30 days after activation.

Alternately, if you register for the next level of iBwave certification, your certification will be renewed for another three years.



  1. iBwave Certified individuals are encouraged to continually expand their technical knowledge and are required to pass a recertification exam every three years.
  2. All certification expirations will match the latest certification achieved. Ex: If you have one year left on your Level 1 certification and you pass Level 2, both your Level 1 and your Level 2 certification will expire three years from the date you passed Level 2.
  3. There is a 90-day grace period for users to complete their recertification – it must be completed within 90 days after the expiration date to qualify for the lower recertification rates. See ‘Prices and Time Commitment’ section for rates.
  4. Once the 90-day grace period is passed, users can still recertify up to 1 year of expiration with a late recertification fee. See ‘Prices and Time Commitment’ section for rates. After the 1 year expiration, users are no longer qualified to recertify and must redo the certification level in order to maintain a valid certification status.
  5. Subsequent recertification deadlines are always based on your original certification date, not on your last recertification exam date.
  6. If you fail a recertification exam the first time, you may take a second attempt at an additional cost. Individuals will be required to redo the certification level for a fee if a second attempt results in failure.


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