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    Ever imagine using
    Augmented Reality
    for your Wireless
    Network Design?
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    Now with Zigbee support
    and Mist integration
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    iBwave Collaborates with TIME dotCom to Deploy
    Malaysia’s First 5G High‑Rise In‑Building Design
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    iBwave Public Safety
    Plan, design and propose public safety
    networks that building owners and
    AHJs will approve.

White Paper

Want to know more about Wi-Fi 6 (including 6E) and the main differences with the previous 5 generations of Wi-Fi technologies (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)?

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How 4G & 5G Antennas Really Work

Wi‑Fi 6 is the latest update to everyone’s favorite wireless technology. Learn about the benefits, challenges, and design principles.

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Bridging Macro & Indoor Networks

Driven by a wide set of technologies and use-cases, this webinar looks into key trends driving the need for a more holistic campus-wide view of wireless networks.

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Private & Semi-Private Wireless Networks

Our latest eBook takes a closer look at private networks and how it impacts the Enterprise and in-building wireless landscape in 2020 and beyond.

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